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The old is gone the new is come



I just got done with a season of selling Christmas trees and now I’ve been traveling and camping in McCall and Sun valley Idaho. McCall is a town that is pretty much untouched and just plain beautiful.  It is only 2.5 hours form Boise so it is easy to get to.  I didn’t camp there, I celebrated the birth of Jesus with family and friends there.  It was a great time.


So what about that whole winter camping thing?  It is a blast to just set up pretty much anywhere around here in Sun Valley as long as you aren’t parked on a public street.  The best place to camp I think in Sun Valley is down Adams Gulch Road.  It’s NF-141 I believe  and it is quiet and dark and pristine.


I have good tires but I do slip a bit now and then.  I think that if I did more winter camping in the future I will need studded snow tires for sure.  I have those radial chains packed away as well just in case need them.

Sun Valley is for the rich and famous.  Its where all the pretty people are.  Money, fame, abundance abounds.  But you can find a good cup of coffee and WiFi at the Starbucks if you are the little guy.  The lines though to get coffee here are the longest of any Starbucks I’ve ever been to.

How do I stay warm?  I make great tasting Americano’s in the morning, and I have a Little Buddy Heater that is triggered to shut off if O2 is low in the van but it does heat things up pretty well.  I also have the insulation for the windows and close off the front of the van with a hanging wool/fleece blanket. I turn the heat off completely when sleeping and its only possible because I use my son’s down sleeping bag that I picked in Nepal for really cheap.

photo 2



I have learned to travel light especially when winter camping because you have to be able to keep everything in the van.  Also, you don’t want to be moving everything back and forth to front and back and out of the way all the time.  Travel light and tight!


Today is December 31, 2013.  Gone is the old and here comes the new.  This is a good time to reflect on what just happened and what is to come… I recommend you read John 14:6.


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