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December 2013


Our kids have been able to camp in the Westy during the fall. I found a stash of S’mores makings in one of the compartments LOL! Here is a photo of them getting ready to head off on one of their journeys:


It’s been a blast to use the Westy for a warming hut while selling Christmas trees here in Boise Idaho. I simply put an electric space heater in the van and it has done a pretty good job of keeping things warm.


I enjoy hanging out in my van so while doing so I look for things that need to be improved, cleaned, and updated. From the hours of warming from the cold weather I had the idea to install a trickle charger under the back seat for when I plug in to shore power. Basically it keeps my auxiliary battery happy. I also had the idea of the window tinter redoing a couple of my windows under his unconditional warranty. I replaced the instrument panel bulbs with LED very WHITE bulbs. I have also replaced the broken skylight, the side view mirrors, added a dash fan, organized all my on-board tools into small industrial strength carry totes, and replaced relay switch for power transfer (it was clicking 😦 ). I have also done MUCH organizing and cleaning during these hours of sitting in the van.


That’s it for now. I will be working in a couple of mods and Lord willing travel to Colorado over New Years. Enjoy the ride 🙂








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