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Westfalia Westy vanagon volkswagen

This is a Vanagon blog… The 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia is one of the most versatile vehicles I have ever driven. Gas mileage is not that great, I get 18.1 on the highway. Currently mine has the 1.9 litre water boxer engine. These buses make for an adventurous journey and Lots of people want to talk about “how cool your van is”. I purchased this Westy for $1,500.00 on Craigslist in Pocatello, Idaho. I bought it sight unseen from a young man who got it handed down to him from his dad. His dad had purchased it from a guy who I’m told practically lived in it. I have put some elbow grease into making it reliable and comfortable to travel in. I have made a few mods, rummaged through the local Jalopy Jungles for parts, purchased some parts online, done many repairs.

I have traveled in my Westy coast to coast and regionally since I purchased it in the fall of 2012. Currently the odometer reads 357,000+ miles.

Some of the fun things about these vehicles is that it has a pop top roof, it has a second battery for auxiliary power when camped, it sleeps a family of four, rear engine rear wheel drive allows for traction on snowy roads, a sink and refrigerator and stove make camping fun, many of the day to day repairs can be done by the owner (me) even if not mechanically inclined. These buses are just a lot of fun.

I hope the pages to follow will be an encouragement to you. Perhaps you don’t have your own “Chateau Westfalia” but you dream of the day when you can have your own.


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